Instagram Shop Not Working

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Hi guys,I happen to be building a Shopify account for a client who just moved to the US.

On setting up the Instagram shop,I keep getting the message below :

"Instagram shopping isn’t available for your account due to the following reasons:
Instagram shopping is currently unavailable in your region. Learn more about shopping on Instagram availability .
You need to connect a product catalog to your Instagram account."


How do I resolve this ?

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Send in your issues with Instagram shopping here:

Think it’s a new contact form from Facebook/IG regarding these issues.

It worked for me to solve our IG shopping issue this week.
Got in contact with a guy named Luis on Facebook support through that form that in the end manually approved our IG shopping function since our shop met the requirements.

Also double check and make sure you have admin rights on the Facebook page thats connected to the Instagram account, that the IG account is a business account and that your products/collections is available on Shopify to Instagram.

I sent the case through this form 22th April 2020 and got it solved today so went quite fast.

Hope this can help you to, good luck!