Installing SMSA shipping app provides Could not resolve host error

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I am installing the SMSA shipping app but it is throwing some criticall error as 

phpish\shopify\CurlException: [6] Could not resolve host: admin in C:\inetpub\wwwroot\shopify\smsaApp\dashboard.php on line 32Array ( [method] => POST [uri] => https:///admin/oauth/access_token [query] => Array ( ) [headers] => Array ( ) [payload] => Array ( [client_id] => myclient_id [client_secret] => myscret[code] => ) ) Array ( )



Here the myclient id i have removed in this ticket for my security purpose and also same  for the secret.

Could anyone help me resolve this and let me know how to install this app.And moreover this app is not installed from the app store but it is installed from a url that i have the access to install it.