Instant/mail-in rebate scheduler and product page messaging

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Hi everyone. We work with many vendors who offer end-user instant rebate or mail-in rebate promos throughout the year. I'm looking for an app that will help us do the following:

  1. Schedule instant/mail-in rebates/discounts
  2. Add special messaging to the product page (e.g. "Save $100 instantly on when you buy XXXX product. Discount reflected in sale price." or "Get a free XXXX product with mail-in rebate when you purchase XXXX. Visit for more details."
    • This messaging would change depending on the specific promo so it would need to be very flexible.
  3. BONUS: Add a flag to the products on the Collection page and product page that would be able to show "Save $100 Instantly!" or something along those lines.

Any suggestions?