Integrate 3rd party design software

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I am working with a factory for my shoe brand and they have their own design software where customers can design a shoe. I am white labelling this and having it integrated into my online shop but am having some trouble


they have given me the following instructions, can someone help please.


Publishing the platforms at your site


I recommend you/your team to follow these instructions for both platforms:


In order to publish the designing tool in your website, you should create two endpoints URLs which is where the designing tools will appear. The steps are the following:


  1. Select and create one URL such or in your hosting/site. Shopify users should include “pages” in the URL, example . You must create that section at your site by following your hosting/website instructions. Please, let me know the URL so I can update your Backoffice account.
  2. Now It’s time to copy paste the scripts that will allow our designing tool to appear in your site, please visit the following links:


Bespoke Factory Platform =>

MTO Factory =>


and locate the “Embedded configurator script”, just copy and paste it in that new page. Let me know when it’s done so I can take a look if possible.