Integrate Next.js App in Shopify Theme

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Hello everyone,


I've recently building a Custom Form and FAQ app with Next.js. Basically the app fetch FAQ elements from Re:amaze and display the informations to the user. This app is now deploy on Heroku and my last step is to embed this app on my shopify theme. Later I want to create features for creating/editing articles on the app admin.


So the point here is: How to display my App on my store where only app owner can access to the creation and editing part and display the FAQ articles on a page for my Shopify Theme end user ?


I've seen Script Tag and Embedded App on the documentation but I'm not sure if that fit my needs. 


Can you guide me for these next steps ?


Thank you and Happy new years !



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Hey @Jbardon!


I've basically asked the customer to add the liquid tags themselves, since the location can be quite tricky (at least in my app).



1. Generate some liquid snippet based on user input/outside information

2. Inject it into the snippets folder using the Asset API, capturing the name of the snippet for later processing

3. Instruct the user to use {% include snippety-snippet %} somewhere in their store.


It really is quite straightforward when you do it once. 

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