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hi there,


does anyone have experience with integrating Shopify orders to


They have two integration templates, but don't import much information. otherwise this would be ideal as we want to export the complete order information and inventory information to automate our business more.


I've come across Zapier and Integromat and would love to hear your experiences. Integromat seems more interesting to us, but there are no Shopify templates as of now and the visual mapping is not the most intuitive.


Would love to hear any advice.





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Hi there, 


You can easily do this with Integromat and we do have a ton of Shopify templates that you can find here:

In any case, you could create a new scenario, choose the Shopify > Watch orders trigger module, manipulate data if needed using built-in tools like Iterator/Aggregator, and add a action. The scenario would look something like what you see below:

If you're looking to learn more about Integromat, start with this short course on Youtube. 

And do join our thriving community of experts to see how others are using Integromat and to get quick help.