Introducing Auto Fulfill for automating order fulfillment

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Hi Everyone,

Today we launched Auto Fulfill app which can automatically fulfill orders that are shipped to your Fedex or UPS accounts.

How does Auto Fulfill app work?

  1. Install Auto Fulfill and you can fulfill the first 50 orders each month for free
  2. Connect your Shipping account (Fedex or UPS) with Auto Fulfill
  3. Ask your Shipping partner to enter the order name, order number or order ID in the reference field of the Carrier account.
  4. For Line item fulfillment, enter the SKU, Barcode or Variant ID.
  5. Once the tracking ID is added by your shipping partner, the order is updated with the tracking number and the order is marked as “Fulfilled”.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at



Autofulfill automates Order Notifications, Tracking, and Fulfillment. Simplifies Seller-Supplier communication.
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I am just starting on Shopify with my small eshop. I thought after the order is placed, everything else is taken care by the manufacturer, or wholesale supplier.


I have not any shipping partner, or whatever, or some special label to print on my products. My first order is on Pending Fulfillment status for the past 12 hours... are all these things normal? Am I doing something wrong?


Many thanks