Introducing EZ Fulfill for Automated Fulfillment and Bulk Tracking Number Updates

Hi Everyone,

    We've recently launched a new app called EZ Fulfill which allows you to update your orders tracking numbers in bulk and mark your orders fulfilled.   You can auto fulfill your orders and update tracking numbers manually or from an FTP/SFTP server or from Dropbox.  We allow you to auto update as frequently as every hour.


   A few other things to point out about our app:

  • You can fulfill Line Items by using the line items SKU.
  • Email order confirmations as soon as your order is fulfilled.
  • We support multiple shipping locations.
  • Fulfill orders without tracking numbers.


  If you have any questions about the app please don't hesitate to reach out and let us know.  We're always happy to help!


  We hope you'll find the app useful and if there are features that you think would be valuable let us know.  

Co-Founder / Developer at Highview Apps
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