Introducing OptiShop. Looking for free beta users!

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Hi All,


We're a team of experienced data scientists and engineers looking for beta users for our app. The app does product recommendation using a mix of machine learning (e.g., you may like this) and traditional recommendations (e.g., recently viewed, trending). The aim is to provide recommendations personalized for each customer to drive more revenue. The way we accomplish this is by creating shopper profiles based on interactions and buying behavior from your shop. Everything gets updated in real-time so that our recommenders can quickly adapt to new buying behaviors or shop trends.


We are dedicated to making this app as easy to use as possible, and at the same time, providing powerful AI-driven personalization for any Shopify store at a reasonable price. There are no theme modifications, very little manual setup, and you can preview exactly how the recommendations will look on your shop before going live. It should be a simple experience to try out and you don't have to worry about code fragments getting left behind if you uninstall or anything like that.


The app is completely free during the beta period and features are still being added. In exchange for your participation in the beta you will receive a lifetime 50% discount once the beta period has completed and we are live in the app store. If you're interested in trying our app and giving us feedback about features and usability, sign up at