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We have a shopify store, and we are essentially looking for an inventory management tool.

Here's more about us:
- we have close to 500 SKUs
- we have 4 central warehouses, and around 50 stores on consignment (which we consider as warehouses since we still own the products until they sell them and we get paid)

We are looking for:
- an inventory software from which we track and transfer products from one warehouse (including the stores on consignment) to the other.
- integration with shopify. Our shopify store would only be linked to our central warehouses (and NOT the stores) but we would still like the inventory in the central warehouses to update automatically with every order on shopify
- we are a small startup and we are looking for solutions under 100$ per month

Any insights or help with a software that meets our requirements would be appreciated.

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Depending on the software or platform you are using for the Warehouse there may be an out of the box solution. 

Start looking at the Shopify app store, There are tons of inventory management system.


If you are not able to make it work with the out of the box platform,  let me know I am happy to help you.

I am building automation software that connect to multiple systems and updates inventory.  Here is an example where it updates inventory from Shopify to Quickbooks but it could potentially connect to the Warehouse if it has an API. 


Let us know how it goes. 





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Hi @Sikasok 


We have a few clients that are using our Airtable integration to accomplish the same objective - quickly update the inventory in Shopify, and move inventory between Shopify locations. Happy to show you how it works in action. Also, check out our guide on how to manage and track Shopify inventory .

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Hey @Sikasok  -- I'm actually working on a product that helps organizing and facilitating inventory management.  I'd love to learn about the specific painpoints you are experiencing and if the solution I'm building can help out.  Want to shoot me an email at gary[at] 

Looking forward to it!