Inventory Tracking for "create your own" bundles with picture updates

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Hi All,


I will soon be implementing basically a "design your own" product.

Select the base layer from a variety of up to 8 styles

then add on your own charms, or type freely in a box your initials  / words.

Each base layer should have a different cost associated, and each additional initial or charm should then increase the price by X€.. 

Ideally, I also want the product image to update alongside the user's selection to show the word etc.

First step is achieving the above and the images.

But the most important and crucial step is how should I inventory manage this? Each charm/ letter etc is a physical product.. so it is possible the user types in a full name "Mark" for example, and then 1 letter of the 4 is out of stock, which causes problems on my end.


thanks for some insight and advise