Inventory management app to connect sales channels + forecasting notifications

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Hi everyone, I'm trying to find an inventory management app that does this:

- Shows dashboard of sales by SKU on Shopify + Amazon FBA (by connecting to Amazon, not by importing FBA orders into Shopify)

- Shows estimated out of stock date based on the sales velocity of all channels + current inventory numbers

- Send notification when X days of inventory left

- Updates daily


I've dabbled in some inventory management software but the ones I tried are either too basic or much too complex. Wondering if there's a nice app with just those 3 key features so we can manage inventory as passively as possible.

Any suggestions?

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We were just browsing through this forum to look for suggestions for customers shops and we came across this. We never thought about the forecasting side of inventory management – but we bet something like this would be useful! Following this thread so that we can learn along with you. Thanks for asking the question about this.
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Hi JoesIdeas,

This is Bahadir - founder of 

I know how complex and discouraging the inventory management apps can be sometimes. We have been working with direct-to-consumer brands over the years and heard the same request repeatedly. That's why we built a Shopify app that runs SKU level forecasts and alerts the shop owner about the inventory levels and changed velocity of the SKUs. The app does not require any user input for onboarding and it provides the forecasting and SKU performance reports right after connecting your store. Of course you can get deeper with it by adding lead times, suppliers and more details but the choice is totally yours. The UI is pretty user friendly unlike other confusing ones.  

Our app is approved by Shopify but we keep it unlisted by choice for now. It is only available to the early-adopters that we onboard individually. 

Let's connect and discuss further, I would be happy to invite you in our early-adopter group. Sending you a DM for my contact details. 

Kind regards,

Bahadir from Fabrikator.