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I have been having issues with the inventory management system. I have 2 locations, 1 for reserved stock and 1 for ready stock. Lately items have been pulled from the reserve stock when I fulfill them even though I have it unchecked as a fulfillment location. This is a big problem because sometimes I will have 0 in my reserve, but it still pulls from there, so it will show I have -2 in reserve and 2 in stock when I really have 0. This means it is still up on my site as purchasable when I have none. I am looking for a simple, preferably free app, that will allow me to accurately track my inventory without the risk of having it pulled from the wrong location.

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Hey there, @mgm05e!


Ryder here, from the Social Care Team at Shopify. Thanks for posting. I'm sorry to hear that you've been having your products pulled from the reserved stock when being fulfilled - that doesn't sound right!


With our Locations feature, you are able to set up the priority for which location your products are pulled from. I understand that you'd already had your reserved stock location unchecked as a fulfillment location, and I'd like to clarify whether you also had the Fulfill online orders from this location unchecked from the Details section of the Location in your Settings? If not, you can follow this guide to do so. If you had done that, I'd be happy to take a look into this myself. Simply let me know, and I can look at sending you an email to gain authentication and access to your account before reviewing your Inventory. 

Alternatively, if you're not interested in having me look into why this occurred for you and would prefer an app - there's a couple you can look into. I was able to locate the Stock Sync - Inventory Update app, as well as the Stocky app. Both have free plans available, so it may be worth checking out if their free plans work for your business! It does look like the remaining inventory apps have free trials, but then begin to charge a monthly plan. Nevertheless, if you're interested in browsing through other options, you can have a look in our App Store.

I hope this information helps you sort out your Inventory needs - and please let me know if there's anything I can clarify, or if you'd like me to review your Location/Inventory setup to troubleshoot why your products were being picked from the wrong location.



Ryder A. | Social Care Team at Shopify
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Hi mgm05e,

We work with many ecommerce clients and your concern is one of the top requests we hear. Unfortunately there's no Shopify App that's free and can track inventory for your POS, until now. We recently launched the FREE Low Inventory Alert Guru app, and we would love your feedback.


Here are some highlighted features.


Save Time With Automation

Automatically get notified when inventory levels fall below thresholds you set. Receive stock alert emails when you need it. Always know which items are low or out of stock so you can order more in time.


View Your Inventory History By SKU and By Location

Want to see how your inventory fluctuated within the last few months? Easily view your inventory history, by SKU or location.


Manage Your Stock More Effectively

Set up as many (or as few) alerts as you want – including more than one per product, or alerts that span multiple products, or fulfillment centers, depending on your specific needs.


Multi-Location Inventory Management

Track low inventory across all your Shopify locations, including online, brick-and-mortar POS, and warehouses.


Easy Low Inventory Analysis On Any Device

Whether on mobile, tablet, or desktop, you can view your daily stock data and download reports all in one place with our dashboard.


Manage Directly From Your Shopify POS App

You can even manage your low inventory alerts directly within the Shopify POS app!


Mute Alerts With 1-Click

Don't need to be reminded of low stock for a week? Simply click the button in your email and voila, 1-click alert muting.


Send Alerts to One or More Recipients

Need several people to be notified of low stock alerts? Easily add as many users as you need quickly.


Receive Alerts When You Want Them

Set which days of the week you want to receive alerts. Easy. Done.


Hi @mgm05e ,


If you're still looking for a solution, we have a Low Stock Alert application,  Merchbees Low Stock Alert, that might work for you.


Merchbees sent an email to you when your item's stock below your chosen threshold.

You can choose the best days and hour for receiving emails, or they can be notified as soon as their item's stock is at a critical level. It also works location-based. Therefore, you can set alerts based on a single location or multiple ones.

And it has a free plan right now.


If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at!




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Merchbees Low Stock Alert - Keep track of your low stock items by email and slack
Merchbees Inventory Value - Know your inventory value in real-time