Inventory report for product bundles

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I'm looking for a quick (and inexpensive) app to create a report showing individual units sold. We have several product bundles that we manually created, but are wanting to determine the total units sold each month. Ideally, something that we could imput directly into our Quickbooks, but at minimum something to prevent having to manually calculate the individual units sold and potential errors related to that process.

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I think our Upsell Bundles can be used for this. On the main page called "Dashboard" you can see statistics divided into several groups. Also it's allows you to:

  • Create Bundles, Packages, Kits and Sets with discounts with a 1-click Add to Cart button and significantly increase the order size.
  • Keep your inventory in order since there is no need to create duplicate products.
  • Motivate your customers to buy a bundle by showing how much they save when buying a set.

What concerns the price for this is $9,95 with a trial period.

Hope it helps.


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I'm John from Report Pundit. With Report Pundit, you can create reports that show total units (variants) sold each month. Our team can also set up the report for free.


We have a 14-day trial to test the reports. We also have Quickbooks order transactions upload template to automate your accounting process.


If you have any questions, you can reach me at



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