Inventory rules between variants

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Hi everyone, 

I run a room rental business where different seasons have different minimum rental times. Here are the variants
-10 months from September to late June
-5 months from September to late January
-5 months from February to late June
-1 month in Summer
-2 months in Summer
-1 year starting anytime

Based on how we sell our rooms, the usual apps do not have the features we need (yes I did check out Bookthatapp and Rental & Reservations). It seems using regular Shopify variants are the best bet. However, we have the issue that certain variants need to exclude each other. For example, if a customer book the "1 year starting anytime" variant, it needs to put all other variants out of stock for the next year. Another example is that booking the "10 months from September to late June" need to put out of stock the two other 5 months options.

I have been looking for apps that could create rules between variants but I cannot find any.

Any suggestion?