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Hi Guys,

We are looking for an application that allows us to print an invoice which allows for editing of line items, for example we often receive an order with 8 items. 4 come into stock and 4 go onto back order the client must have an invoice for the 4 which ship out and then later and invoice for the following 4. Hence, we need an invoice app that allows us to edit the line items on the order and so far I can not seem to find one that allows that. :-/

Any help would be much appreciated.



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Hi Charles,

My store works similarly! Customers order 10 products which come in 2 separate shipments. Therefore, I need 2 invoices; one for each shipment.

I am using Sufio Invoices, because I can edit and remove items from the invoices before sending them to customers. Hope it helps you too!

- Ashley

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Hi There,

Thanks for this, we installed the app right away and saw that they offer multiple languages.

We need to have the main text labels in two languages as we ship out from Europe and customs at our customers end and our end insist on both English and our native language.

Which means that the text labels need to be editable for example we have to have Date / Data - Description / Opis - Quantity / Ilość

As it looks so far the actual text labels are not editable in the invoice templates, even if you "Create Invoice" it alows you to write what you want and add an remove line items but does not seem to allow editing of the heading text. 

I have messaged support and asked them when or if they might consider adding this as it is an essential feature for us, due to Polsih customs insisting on Polish/English language on the Invoices enclosed in our parcels.