Is Shopify Email app too basic?

I've been using the Shopify Email app for my email marketing since it opened in April (May?) and as much as I dig the simplicity of having it readily available in my Shopify dashboard, I can't help but feel like it's too simple. 

I'm used to using Mailchimp, where I have some really powerful integration tools, and automated schedule and delivery of messages, which doesn't seem to be available on Shopify Email (yet?). I just sent out a new campaign and I realized that I didn't even have access to adding numbered or bulleted lists to the text, which I think it odd. Maybe I'm missing something?

I guess I'm curious what others who are using Shopify Email think about the service so far, and do you think that once the "free" period is up in October that they will roll out some more robust features? I'm hesitant to cancel my Mailchimp service at this point because I don't think Shopify is going to bring the same heavy hitting aspects yet, but maybe someone has some insight beyond my own experience? 


I don't know the etiquette on signal boosts, but since I didn't get a response before, I figured I'd try to ask again.

Anyone have any thoughts to OP?