Is everything that uses Shopify's API considered a "Shopify App"?

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Hi, sorry if this is a dumb question but I could use some clarification.  I'm building an order analytics tool that will plug into multiple shop/marketplace platforms and I would like to include Shopify as well.  It basically pulls in order data so that users can get historical data for things like profit margins, average shipping times etc.

Would this would be considered a "public app" that requires approval?  According to the documentation "Shopify apps are web applications that add functionality to Shopify stores".  My app isn't specific to Shopify and doesn't add any functionality, but apparently I can't just OAuth with a Shopify shop and query the data without being an approved public app.  Am I missing something here?  From what I'm reading it looks like the approval process can take weeks and has a high rate of rejection, and I would hate to jump through all those hoops only to realize later that it wasn't necessary.