Is it possible to have two Shopify stores with different currency tagged to a single PayPal account?

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So, with E-Commerce and PoD on the rise, we're looking to expand our horizons in other countries. We understand that for that it is better to have two separate Shopify stores in order to maintain sanity but, we were wondering if a single PayPal account can get the job done of accepting payments in two different currencies from two different stores? A little help in this regard can help us a lot. Appreciate your time, Thanks!


Hopefully someone from Shopify will chime in to confirm this, but yes, I believe you can setup as many stores as you wish with a single paypal email.

Trouble is, you may have to settle with one paypal look when going through the checkout flow. For example, Store A and Store B may have to display the same logo and/or business information when logging into the paypal popup.

Not sure if it helps, but I believe Paypal business accounts are allowed to have multiple payment emails attached to them, and still resolve to the same account. For example, we have and tied to the same paypal account.

Hope this helps, and good luck!