Is there a good app for getting discounts after social sharing?

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I am looking for a app let buyers share products on twitter, Facebook, instagram etc, then receive discounts code.

i use thia app "Social Share Buttons and Popup"


But seems this app have lots problems, for example, on mobile, after  buyer shares, the page does not pop up the discount code.


I am looking for a good share to get a discount app, 


Is there a good recommendation?

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Hi, @loveworld!


This is Rae from Shopify. Thanks for reaching out with this question, and welcome to the Shopify Community. 


Having customers share the products they buy from your site on social media in exchange for a discount code is a great marketing strategy, and I'd love to lend a hand to help find an app that can achieve this on your site.


I understand that Social Share Buttons and Popup hasn't worked entirely how you were hoping, so I can certainly help share some other app suggestions for you. However, before we look into other options, have you reached out to developers of this app directly to ask for their help in configuring the app's functionality and settings? The developers will be able to look into the mobile set up further to help explain what's possible through their app. Reaching out to the developers about this may help fix some of the issues you're having, and avoid the need to use another app for this feature. 


If you are still interested in looking over other options, there are a few apps I can recommend based on your needs. For example, Checkout Share allows customers to share the contents of their cart on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, or via email, in exchange for a discount code that can be used before they complete the checkout. Share For Discount is another option that can be used to give customers discount codes in exchange for liking your Facebook page, or following your Twitter account. 


Both of the above options are third party apps that are external to Shopify, so if you have any questions about the functionality of the apps, or how to install them, make sure to also reach out to the app developers directly. Since they built and fully support their apps, they will be the best people to provide additional help. 


How else are you marketing your products and your business? Are you also advertising on social media?


Let me know if you have any other questions or concerns that I can assist with! 

Rae | Social Care @ Shopify
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I have checked all apps recommend by Rae, it seems no one is good enough.I'm a Shopify Developer, I have submitted my first Shopify Apps. But it needs some days to review. During the long review time, I have some time to develop a new app.  Please let me know.


1. Do you mind be an initial user, and install the app unlisted the App Store, because the App Review need long time. of course 100% customer support and no charge.

2. What're the most important three feature do you need?

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Thanks for the info, yes, no one is good enough. 

1, for test app, 1 or 2 initial user not enough, you need more.


  1. products page have social share button
  2. after share auto back to products page
  3. discount code automatic popup

I use Social Share Buttons and Popup now.

this app features ok, but poblems is in social app will not work, only work on computer or mobile browser. also have some bug. they said solve the problem now, but do not know how long.



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Thanks for reply, I have begin develop it. I will  search more initial users, and before do full testing I will never let any user tries it.

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Hi there,

You might have a look at our social sharing campaigns, you can customize text, pop-ups and etc.


Moreover, our marketing platform is not only about social sharing campaigns, but you will also get:


- Loyalty & Rewards program

- Wishlist

- Reviews

- Social Login

- Shoppable Instagram galleries on any page


Hope it helps

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