Is there an App for selling multiple digital files under the same product

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Each checkout would need to send a unique file, or a list of text like a list of license keys to each customer.

Hi @bezosproxy ,

You could use the free app Digital Download from Shopify to do so. Basically, when you using this app, after the purchase, customers will be direct to a page where they can download the file, as well as receiving an email with the downloaded link. We also have a step by step tutorial on how to sell digital goods online, please take a look

If you want a more robust way to sell your product, a paid app like Sky Pilot or Digital Downloads by Uplinkly might be worth trying.

Obviously, for these apps to work, you first have to make an offer they cannot resist. That's when a Page Builder comes into handy, with our app, PageFly Page Builder, you can create a beautiful Product Page to help to increase the conversion rate. 



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