Is there an App for this problem?

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I've been searching for an App that can solve my specific problem. Either I'm very bad at putting in the right words to find it or there isn't anything that can solve it.

To put it simply: I want the customer to send me a picture/request that me and a team of artists get. While we are working on the painting the customer can choose different products like shirts and mugs and put a sample painting on there so he can see what his final product will look like OR waits until we are finished and can log into his account so he'll see all products already with his image on them. He then can choose which product he wants and can customize them. For example color, size and position of the image and extra texts. 

I found several "customizable products store apps" but none that work in the way I described our vision. 

I really hope anyone can help me find what I'm looking for or knows who I should talk to. Thank you for your help.

Greetings from Germany!


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it sounds like "FancyProductDesigner" does what you want.

At least in the jquery version people can upload their own images.


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