Is there an App for this?

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We would like to add passwords/codes to specific pages to block pricing for our products unless a code is entered and then have the associations with that particular code attached to the purchase so we can pull analytics & etc when the customer places an order. I.e. If our location in LA has a salesperson who connects with a lead and they provide that person with a code specific to LA, that code will give them access and also tag their account showing that the purchase originated from LA. If the lead was generated in Las Vegas, we would like the code to be attached to Las Vegas and so forth. Does this functionality exist?


Hello @MRActivePure, I hope you are doing super fine.

I will recommend you to try Locksmith by Lightward team. Locksmith is for access control, on your online storefront.

As a tool, Locksmith's power comes from a super-versatile yet super-simple idea: locks to protect your content, and keys to let different people in. Once you've locked something, use keys to grant access if the customer fulfills one of the criteria you have defined. In your case, I think you can use a secret link or is visiting from a certain country as keys to unlock your content.

I hope it can be helpful for you and I wish you a lot of sales!!!


Sara from The Support Heroes.