Is there an app for this?

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Hey guys,

Hope everyone is experiencing a successful week. I am looking for an app that has a function similar to that found on this page:!

The main function that I am looking for is the dynamic sub-variants (the visual selector is not as important). For example, when you click a size, the quantities and price for that size change. 

Does anybody have any recommendations for something like this? Thank you!

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Hi Matt!

Seán here from Shopify :)

I've had a look through the store here and found an app called Product Stickers that allows you to add custom stickers to your products. It comes with a 10-days free trial so is definitely worth checking out to see if it can help. It also comes fully supported by the developers, who you can get in touch with from the app's page in the store.

Hope this helps! Feel free to get in touch with the Guru team if you have any questions :)

All the best,

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Hi Matt,

   This is Pierre from Image FineTuner, an alternative Apps in addition to the Product Stickers recommended by Sean. Perhaps, you may try out, and it's free for 10 product images editing. You may find out more at

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I am a new shopify user my online store: I recommend you an app solving your problem well: Super watermarks
This app have a sticker library so beatiful and edit your product image in bulk
You can get it here:

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Hey @Matt_Dronkers

Are you looking for a custom app to to print stickers/ anything related to stickers? Or is it just the "dynamic pricing" functionality that you're looking for?

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