Is there an app that will allow my customers to select their preferences before building a bundle?

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Hello, I am trying to update my Shopify store to include a more user-friendly experience. I sell subscription boxes and am currently using Bundle Builder to allow customers to select the products that they want to include in their box. This has been working so far but I want a more customized experience so I want to implement a series of pages that would look a little something like this: (sorry I don't know how to word this better)


1. Customer enters site homepage and clicks the get started button

2. Customer is redirected to a page which asks them about their interests and they can select from predetermined options

3. Customer is then redirected to a page which asks about the frequency that they would like their order to come (weekly, monthly..etc), once again selected from predetermined options

4. Customer is brought to the products page which is tailored to their interests and can build their subscription box


Is there any app out there that can implement a series of pages like this? or is there already a way I can do it with Shopify?


thank you

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hello,If you don't find a similar plugin, I can develop this tool for you.

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Hi @wenybai!

I am happy to let you know that what you have described is entirely possible using our Customer Fields app. Not only will you be able to create a more user-friendly experience, but you'll also be able to save all of your customers' preferences, which opens up all sorts of other ways to customize the shopping experience and get to know your customers better.

The app has a robust form builder that allows you to create custom fields and conditional rules for all of the different preferences you'd like to collect. Forms you create can be split into 'steps', which is great if you'd like to give a form a more "quiz like" experience. Once a form has been submitted, you can automatically redirect the customer to any place on your store, including a product page. The specific product page used for the redirect could be determined based on the customer's selected preferences using the app's 'form rules'. Here's a link to a guide on our help center that has more details on this specific use-case:

Hopefully this helps!

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