Is there an app that will do conditional variants based on previous variant selection?

Hi everyone.  I'm brand new to Shopify and still trying to get the hang of everything.  I've been looking at some of the apps but figured I'd check with the experts to see if they know what I should use.

Today, I created a product with four material variants to choose between initially.  Once one of those options is chosen, different colors are available, specific to each variant.  Is there an app that will not show the color options until the initial material type is chosen?



Hello @PamFarley , I hope you are doing well!

About your questions. Infinite Options from ShopPad will allow you to use the conditional logic feature. It will display some other input types based on a previous selection. The thing here is that the App doesn't work with Shopify variants but with Options created within the app. So you will have to create your materials as options instead of variants.

To clarify, the difference between Shopify variants and our options are as follows:

Shopify Variants - variations offered by Shopify that include:
Price variance
Links to inventory
Limited to 100
Can change product image
Created through the Shopify Products page
Visible in your Product Section from your Shopify Admin

Infinite Options - variations created with the app:
Does not affect inventory
Uses line item properties
Cannot have pricing added
Cannot change product image
Created through Infinite Options dashboard

I also leave this article about how conditional logic works.

I hope it helps and I wish you a lot of sales!



Sara from The Support Heroes.