Is there anyone interested in dropshipping with products made in China?

Hello everyone, I am a company from China. Our company specializes in dropshipping services. All products are shipped by our company to the world.


80% of our products come from Chinese warehouses and 20% in warehouses in the US and Spain. The products are mainly consumer electronics, home maternal and outdoor products.


There are more than 100 merchants installed each day, mainly from the US, UK, China and Canada. But recently I changed the title of the listing directly to the china dropshipping supplier, and the number of merchant installations per day was reduced by half. And many merchants complain that why are all things made in China.


I am very curious as to why they excludes things made in China. The reason why we exist must be valuable, because the quality of things made in China is good and the price is cheap. Everyone who buys on AliExpress is also from China. And most of products you buy in overseas warehouses are also made in China.


I want to hear any feedback from everyone, is our app not suitable for shopify platform? I hope everyone will raise more shortcomings for my app, thank you.The listing of our app is

completely integrated with Shopify in terms of inventory updating and shipping calculation
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Do you know if Mexico allows products shipped from China?