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The product review app is not functioning correctly with my custom theme.  It displays, but does not allow the user to input any information or submit.

Reviews work great if I send a reminder from a purchase, but my customers have no way to enter a review otherwise.

Is there an easy fix to this?  Thanks for the help!  The app is currently enabled on my site and can be found on any product page.

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Hey Elliot,

What's not working with the review code? I took a quick look at one of your product pages and the "write a review" link opened the fields as expected.

The only oddity I saw is that your theme is setting the font size on fields and buttons to be 0px by default. The text is actually being entered - you just can't see it since it's 0px in size.

That's a weird setting to have, but I am sure there's some reasoning here. You'll want to change that so text is visible. This CSS could do the job:

.spr-form-input, .spr-button {
    font-size: 12px;

You may want to adapt this further to improve the appearance.



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I have created a website and included the Reviews App- and it has been working through desktop but when on the mobile browser it does not let me enter any info. All the boxes are there but if i click on them I am unable to have keyboard appear or allow typing.  
Any advice to fix this is appreciated!!