Judge.me vs Yotpo vs Other Review Apps

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I have tried a few Review Apps from the App store, and cannot determine which one is most suitable.  Some of these review apps are just so expensive.  Judge.me caught my interest because it is pretty inexpensive and comes with a lot of features.


90% of my orders are in-person with the Shopify POS, and currently YOTPO is setup and requests reviews from the customer via email X amount of days after the sale.


I looked into it, and Judge.me doesn't show Google Seller Ratings for Google Ads - so when I run Google ads in the future it will not show my review stars.  Yotpo will supposedly do this, but so will a few others (Reviews.io, TrustPilot, and a few more).  Will Judge.me show product reviews on Google Shopping Ads?


My questions are as follows:

1. Can Judge.me auto-send review requests for POS and Online sales?  Or which others can as well?

2. Is a Google Seller Rating important for Google Ads?  I will be running them in the next few months, and I believe it would be helpful?

3. Will Judge.me show product reviews on Google Shopping Ads?  Perhaps this is just as important? 


4. What if I used the Yotpo app to collect website reviews to show the Google Shopping Ad, and used a different app for product reviews?  Is this a bad idea?


Thank you and I appreciate any input.


*Edited to add Question #4!

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Hey, @L2Market 


I'm not a developer for Judge.me so I can't say for certainty regarding your questions. However, I was able to find some useful information for you!


1. I wasn't able to find if they have the functionality to auto-send review requests on POS orders but they do have that ability for online sales. That would be a great question to ask their support team directly regarding their POS capabilities.


2. When it comes to seller ratings, this is directly from google: 

Seller ratings, which appear below text ads, help people find businesses that offer quality services. Seller ratings can help advertisers improve ad performance and earn more qualified leads.

You can learn more about seller ratings here 


3. According toJudge.me website they will show reviews on Google Shopping ads. You can find their help doc on this here 


4. Ideally I would stick to using one review app. Having multiple review apps on one store has only caused headaches in my experience.


Let me know if this helps. If there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know.




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This is an accepted solution.

I like Judge.me too, I actually declared it my favorite reviews app: https://speedboostr.com/best-reviews-app-for-shopify.


In that article I gave my reasons, one that you might not have thought about is performance. Judge.me has a focus on performance and implements a few tactics ("performance optimized" section in that post).


To add to Dirk's responses:


1. Yes it works with POS.

2. I'm not familiar with this but the JM team probably knows / has customers using this.

3. Another cool trick is auto-showing 5 star reviews in your FB retargeting ads.

4. Yes, I would stick to 1 app. Every store facing app you use will add to your load time.


I use / review apps all the time. If you need any other suggestions feel free to hit me up.


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I currently use shopify - have used it for several years but it's getting pricey. Thinking of making a switch to judge me..thoughts?

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Hey, I would recommend judge.me.  I've been using it for maybe 4-5 months now and it seems to get the job done, and is a fair price compared to some of the other review apps which cost an arm and a leg.