Just In Time Inventory System?

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Hello Community -


I wanted to see if I could get some feedback on why inventory systems don't seem to play an important role within the Shopify app store. Stocky seems to be the biggest player with basic functionality. Are most of you using "bigger" systems that aren't listed in the app store? Or do many of you feel like you don't need a robust inventory system or any system at all? 


If you don't need a robust system is there interest in an app that completely focuses on just in time inventory? This type of software would focus on buying and stocking just enough inventory to fulfill orders without over committing on purchasing. While many systems have forecasting built in this system would take forecasting to the next level and ideally integrate with suppliers to see their inventory (if applicable). 


If willing, I would love some insight into this need from everyone. 

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I like using Amazon FBA for inventory management (storing products there and auto syncing with website inventory + auto order fulfillment).


I've worked with clients using Sellbrite. This works for more complex inventory storage across multiple locations + does forecasting but can be overkill + costly for smaller stores.



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@JoesIdeas - thank you for the reply. An additional question - even with using FBA don't you still want/need to track your own inventory? And by tracking I'm not simply referring to what is on-hand, but managing what to purchase when? This would include when to expect spikes in orders to make sure inventory is appropriate without spending all cash on keeping inventory on hand. So, this wouldn't be a pick. pack, ship setup that most "inventory" systems deal with. I know most systems work off of a min/max setup that may have some previous order capability. They don't typically take in to consideration trends and/or industry shortages unless they are a known seasonal thing. 


Really, I'm curious if Shopify clients want a system that is dedicated to optimizing inventory purchasing. 



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Hi Bryan,

We can help with this - purchasing enough to meet customer demand, but not too much. Check out Inventory Planner in the App Store. 


You'll be able to set how long you'd like inventory to last once orders (10 days, 14 days, etc), then based on stock and historical sales, we'll recommend how many more units you need to order.


Glad to talk with you more to see if this will fit your needs.