LOOKING FOR 2 APPS: Packing slip template that offers "if then" HTML + subscription generator

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In search of two apps to increase production flow in our fulfillment department...

1. I need an app that allows FULL HTML customization for packing slips/invoices. My store's products (coffee) are sold as three variants of an item and can be purchased in any quantity with the option of 6 different grind settings and current fulfillment requires sorting and marking packing slips by hand to ensure all product customizations are met.
- If a line item has x-property selected -> highlight line item in yellow
- If a line item has y-property selected -> bold line item

2. I need another app that can track multiple drops from one order.
- PRODUCT SOLD IS: purchased as a bulk $100 sale, broken into 5 separate shipments that process on a bi-weekly schedule
- DREAM SCENARIO: App tracks each drop and automatically generates ships as according to schedule.


I know both of these needs seem fairly basic but none of the current apps can meet these requirements. Currently using ReCharge for customer customization subscriptions.



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Hi @olivebean.

1. Have you checked out Order Printer Pro? "Showcase your brand with fully customizable HTML/Liquid templates. 100% compatible with templates made for the original Order Printer."
2. Unfornately, I'm not aware of any apps that would help you solve this problem, though Mechanic offers some robust functionality that is highly customizable.

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