Launching: New Recurring Billing Plugin for Shopify from ChargeBee Subscription Billing.

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Hello There, 

ChargeBee now has a plugin that allows simple Subscription setup, just like linking a PayPal button but manages all the complexities of recurring. There is also a customer portal that allows end users to manage their Subscription information. 

You can use any payment gateway like Stripe, Authorize.Net, Braintree or PayPal Payments Pro, depending on your preference. 

Ideally we would love to have a order information moving back to Shopify, but that is a plugin that we will get to soon.

Here are a few feature highlights that will be useful:

  • Shipstation export / import.
  • Refersion integration.
  • Mobile compatible checkout pages & customer portal, with full theme support to match your branded website.
  • Zapier integration to connect with app of your choice. 
  • And best of all a passionate customer support, to overcome any challenges with a fast improving product.

You may read more about our customer experiences here:

We have a much more sophisticated integration with code snippet & checkout in the cart page of Shopify as well. This does not require the plugin. Here is a demo of that:

Talk to us at to find out which integration will suit your needs and we will be happy to assist. 

Do give it a spin & let us know your thoughts. 



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I must reply to this so no one else gets the same experience as I did with Chargebee.


Firstly the Chargebee support is really hard work, some outsourced helpdesk I think.


I was waiting for the Chargebee/Shopify integration and at last, they released a plugin and I went to work to follow the instructions only to find all is not what it seems. Unlike other payment gateways / retail finance or recurring plugins, Chargebee basically just updates the orders in Shopify nothing less or nothing more. You can not actually have your customer's checkout on your Shopify site with Chargebee Hosted Pages or some type of button on the product page to subscribe. I spoke to the support agent Samuel (which was hard work we went around in circles for a long time) in the end Samuel concluded the advice for Shopify Integration with Chargebee is to simply build a new website and not use the Shopify website for the front-end, use the Chargebee Drop-In Script so users order on a custom bespoke website outside of Shopify and it goes to Chargebee which then, in turn, updates Shopify,,, then what would be the point in having Shopify at all?

This is the most pointless plugin I have come across it has no purpose whatsoever.


The post above makes it sound like you install the plugin and you would expect some additional button to appear on the product and cart pages for the user to checkout via Chargebee - This is not the case! - In fact, the agent went as far as to say they do not recommend this and instead build a custom site. If there was a vote on the most pointless plugin this would win it.