Limit Order Quantities Per Product Per Month?

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Hi all,


I've been searching for awhile, and I haven't had a lot of luck.  I am looking for a way to add a maximum order limit by product and to enforce that limit on a monthly basis.  For example, I would like to limit product A to 10 per customer, per month.  So if a customer orders 10 of product A within a month, they will be unable to place an order for that product until a new month starts over.


I thought I found something with Limits by Limitsify, but the by day/week/month functionality is currently not working.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Hi clbarlow, 

I'd be happy to take a look at your site and see if I can help. I think using the Customer object would provide the necessary functionality you're after (

I've worked on quite a few high-profile Shopify sites and feel I'd be able to tackle this problem.


Feel free to contact me at:


Anyway, let me know your thoughts. Would be happy to discuss further over Skype or Zoom when you have time.



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