Linking one shopify store to multiple FB accounts

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Hello all,

I didn't find anything while researching myself, but has anyone figured out if you can have two different facebook accounts (shops) linked to the same shopify store?

Thanks in advanced!

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Hi there!

My name is Alex, I'm a guru here at Shopify!

Currently, that's not a possibility, I'm sorry to say; your Shopify store will only connect to one Facebook shop at a time. I'd be happy to pass along your feedback to the developers, however! Can you tell me a little more about your use-case, and how this would benefit your business? Let me know!

Please feel free to give us a call or start a live chat at any time,  we're open 24/7 for your convenience and always happy to assist!


Alex | Shopify Guru

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Hey Alex,

Thanks for the response! I understand the limitation. My reasoning is a company I'm working with has two different brands, but all under the same business. It would be counter protuctive to have to make an additional store in terms of handeling accounting and inventory purposes instead of having the two facebook pages link to one store and then have selective products shown for each of the facebook pages.

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Hi Alex,

I would also love this feature! We are synced with our store's facebook page (BridgeSet Sound - music store) but also run several interactive groups out of our shop (South Street Ukulele Club, Secret Synth Society, Didge Life Philly) and would like to sync the relevant collections from BridgeSet Sound to each page. 

For example, we would like to create 3 or 4 collections related to south street ukulele club. The collections would be - featured ukuleles, uke accessories, ukulele lessons and apparel.

Another example - having a featured collection of didgeridoos on the Didge Life Philly page. 

Please advise as we would love to get this up and running ASAP.

Thank you,


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Hi Alex, 

This would be great! 

I've got an online market with multiple vendors and would love to give them the option to have their products posted on their own facebook page. 

Thank you





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Hi Alex, we would also find this helpful as we have two Facebook pages - The Franklin Mint and Franklin Mint Coins.  Please let us know if this option becaomes available.


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Hi Alex,

We also have a need for this.  We support two brands from our store, and I would like to have one brand linked to their specific FB and Instagram, then the other brand linked to their own FB and Instagram.  These brands do not mind being sold next to each other, but they can't be marketed to the same audience.  Please escalate this feature, thanks!

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Hi Alex, I also have multiple Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts as my business distributes three brands. But all three brands are sold from my Shopify store.

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We have multiple Brands that we would like each to have their own FB page.  It simplifies things if you don't have to have multiple Shopify accounts to run one business that has multiple shops either.  It would be great if all this was enabled.

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Hi there.


I've found a solution for this.


Shopify does not currently support linking multiple Facebook stores to your Shopify store, however, I found a method that resolves this.


The solution can be a bit messy, as you have to have multiple Facebook Business Accounts for each of your pages.

You will also have to connect your current Shopify (or KIT) product feed to your separate Facebook Business Accounts.


Here's how I pulled it off:

1. I had already used KIT for Shopify, so Kit had automatically set up my Shopify stores product feed in my Facebook Business Account.

- You may need to use other workarounds for this, if you are not using KIT.

2. I visited my Facebook Business Account and headed to the Catalogs section. Here I had my KIT product feed which updates my Facebook store's products automatically.

3. Go to Product Data Sources.

Click 'view feed details'.

On one of the recent feed uploads managed by kit, click 'view report'.

Double click the partially showing data feed URL and hit CTRL + C.

Then paste it into a new browser window, to verify that you got some mashed up CSV information that should resemble product information.

The link should look like this: "https :// facebook- dpa. s3 .amazonaws. com/ facebook-product-feed-production/XXXXXX. csv", where XXXXXX resembles your unique data feed source.


4. Go to your other pages' Facebook Business Accounts and create (a) new catalogue(s).

Paste the data feed URL into the catalogue.

Your products SHOULD now show up on multiple Facebook pages in the shop section at the same time.

You may have to set up the shop section on the "new" Facebook pages with a dummy product before attempting what I did.

Because that's how I tested it and it worked for me.


I'm aware that my guide isn't that great, but the most important steps should be there.

I just wanted to save someone some hours of wasted researching like I did.

This IS possible, and you don't need a Shopify integration feature to make it work, since the Facebook page shop is simply a Facebook feature that ALSO ALLOWS for integration from third party partners.

Good luck.

Feel free to ask me if you stumble upon some issues.


By the way, Facebook doesn't care where your products are from. Simply put, you just upload a data feed and this could also be done by inputting a data feed, perhaps after manually exporting your product catalog from Shopify.


My solution should update the product feed automatically, however I set it up 10 minutes before writing this reply, so I haven't been able to test it.