Local Delivery: billing/shipping info, and driver screen

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(I tried giving this feedback via the app feedback mechanism but on submission the form just hung, so putting it here instead...)


Overall this is a cool app. But there's two big fixes I'd like to see:

1) On the order list you show the billing name and on the delivery list you show the shipping name. We label our deliveries with the billing name so this caused confusion and missed deliveries.

2) The driver view contains unnecessary information and the important info (e.g. the customer) is at the bottom. Being ruthless about this screen is important because we're looking at it on a small phone screen. I need to see the customer name, address, phone, and something key that's missing: WHAT THEY ORDERED. Sometimes I'm delivering only two different products but they're going to 20 customers and I want to quickly ensure I'm dropping off the right thing in the right place.

Thanks for listening! Contact me if you want to chat more about this app.