Local Pickup reminder

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Does anyone know of an app that can remind customers to collect their local pickup orders after a set time since they were told pick up ready?

If not then I think this would be a great app idea!

Last summer during our peak season we had hundreds of uncollected orders. We had to sift through every last one to send reminders.

Most high street chains return to stock after 7 days or so and cancel the order but as a small family business would you want to cancel hundreds of orders and refund or return to stock and lose those sales??

We're a schoolwear shop, so essential purchases for the parents, we can't fathom though why they wait so long to collect. Many orders didn't get collected until months after purchase!!!

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This sounds like a great idea. Send me an email dan.laframb@gmail.com and we can talk more about the specifics about developing this into an app.



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Agree... I find it odd that Shopify didn't add a send reminder option... many times the customer says "never got notified", entered a wrong email thus wouldn't get notified, so just need a way to resend notification, and be able to do so via sms/shop app would be great as well.. same goes for order confirmations... many times I need to fix their emails and resend... at least there is the option.