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Hi I am from Mauritius and it is my first time doing e-commerce. I completed my store and I need help in defining my location and shipping. I am using Spocket as third party apps. Should I include my home address in the default location or should I ask spocket for the suppliers location and address.

Please help.
Thank you so much
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Hi @MONDO02, this is Larry from the team at Spocket here!

Firstly, thank you for trying out Spocket as a platform, we’re excited to see what your store will grow into! To answer your question, dropshipping with Spocket means you can have suppliers located all across the US, EU, and the world! This also means that you should set your location on Shopify to that of your current address as we have a countless number of different suppliers. 

If you have any questions in the future, don’t hesitate to contact our support team at support@spocket.co! We’re open 24/7 which means there will always be an agent available for you shortly after you start your ticket. 

Hope this helps!