Looking For Buyback Functionality

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We are looking to build a portal to sell truck loads of goods to distributors.  Our services allow our customers to send back the pallets/skids and undamaged boxes for a partial refund (i.e. we would pay them back $5/pallet).  I was unable to locate an app that could do something like this.  The pallets & boxes would not be part of the order they placed, so I didn't think we could set it up as a refund.  Hope this makes sense.  So basically here is the workflow:

1) Johnnycakes Distributing places an order for 28 pallets of goods.

2) Johnnycakes receives the order, unloads all of the product, and packs the pallets and undamaged boxes back in the truck.

3) Johnnycakes needs a way through Shopify to notify our company that he's sending x amount of pallets and boxes back, and we would pay him back for those goods.  Not sure yet if the payment would happen immediately or upon receipt of those returned goods.

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Would there be a time frame required for them to return the goods?