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We are looking for a specific Shopify app to help us, and were hoping Shopify might be able to point us in the right direction.


Basically, we have 5 core products: 5 different flavors of what is called long cut: Straight Long Cut, Wintergreen Long Cut, Mint Long Cut, Peach Long Cut, and Blood Orange Long Cut.


Currently, each flavor is available in two different SKUs: 2-Packs and 5-Packs.

We want to add a product option to allow customers to “build their own” pack, selecting any number of cans from our 5 flavor varieties into a bundle; for example, if they select the “Build Your Own” Pack in our store, they should be able to add to that bundle 2 cans of Mint Long Cut, 1 can of Peach Long Cut, and 3 cans of Straight Long Cut.


We also want the price of that bundle to update dynamically based on the customer’s selection; so, if they build a bundle with 2 cans, we want the price to be $6.00/can; if they build a bundle with 3-4 cans, we want the price to be $5.25/can; if they build a bundle with 5+ cans, we want the price to be  $4.50/can.


Can you help point us in the right direction of a Shopify app or integration that might help us do this?

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Hi, @MillerBuffalo!


Julie here from Shopify Support.


Thanks for providing me with some information about your business and the types of products you're selling. The easiest way to achieve something like this would definitely be through a bundling app. Have you had a chance to check out any of the product bundling apps that we have in the Shopify App Store? While there are quite a few to choose from, I recommend checking out Bundle Builder and Bold Bundles


With these apps, you can create specific product bundles and also allow customers to "mix and match" selections, building their own pack. You can also use these apps to set rules for the minimum and maximum number of products customers can add to their bundle, define which products they can add, and even create dynamic pricing rules based on the customer's selections. 


I recommend comparing these two apps to see which one you like the best. From each app's About pages, you can read more about their features, view screenshots, and even access example stores so you can see the apps in action. Bold Bundles also has some more information about their app in their Help Center here. If you're ever needing assistance with any of these apps, you can find the developer's contact information directly under the Support section of their About pages. 


I hope this guides you in the right direction. Let me know what you think!

Julie | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thank you for the recommendation to Bold @Julie 🙏


I thought I'd share this video too, I think it will help. I made this a few weeks ago outlining the Five different types of Bundles you can create with Bold Bundles.


  1. Group Bundles
  2. Combo Products (this is really neat)
  3. Mix n Match
  4. Buy / Get
  5. Frequently Bought Together


It's 10 minutes long but I think will be worth the watch! Happy to help if there are any questions too 😊


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