Looking For Upsell Funnel App Testers

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App Testers wanted!


My team and I are Shopify Partners, and we’re building a upsell/funnel app on Shopify.

We're looking for beta testers to test out the features and functions of our Upsell app for FREE before it gets launched into the App Store.


We’re currently still adding more features to the app but the app is fully functional and ready to go.

Sign up here and we’ll get in contact with you: https://raidupsellfunnel.typeform.com/to/OnyGi4

If you have more enquiries about it you could also email me at Shawn@raid.co 



About RAID Upsell Funnel

We’re all about making Upsell funnels faster, better and most of all easier. Say goodbye to rigid upsell builders that don’t give you the ability to customise, and have them just the way you’d like them. Create better upsells to improve your conversions, bring awareness to products and enlarge your customer’s cart size. We’re giving you the power to create upsells beautifully, in a simple manner.


Some of our features

We’re easy to use without the need to code 

– Upsell and Cross Sell Pop Ups with up to 3 tiers of funnels

– WYSIYUG Editor

– Designed after Shopify Theme Editors


We’ve got better control functions

– Media Section on pop ups to add photos/embed videos

– Trigger by products or collections

– Select Dates


We’ve got better design aspects

– Drag and Drop Reorder

– Typography

– Spacings

– Colors