Looking for App Development for Inventory Sync to simplify a multi-step process

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I have an app for a third party supplier. The inventory is to be synced automatically but it is not doing it. I have contacted the 3rd party and they are working on it for over a year.


Good News, I have found a way to trigger the inventory update. I save the item as fulfilled by Shopify, save it, then change the item to fulfilled by the third party, save it and it updates with the correct inventories.


This has become difficult with 10k+ items with 5+ variants each.


I was looking for a developer to automate this process so I can trigger the update with the click of a button. Even better would be to find the code that triggers the inventory update when I go through this process and make it executable with the click of a button. 


It sounds simple enough but what do I know. 


Thank You


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Hi Joe, 


Check out VL OMNI - We're a Shopify Plus Partner and have an integration platform that will be able to automate that process for you. Our Website: www.VLOMNI.com


Would you be open to a conversation to see if our solution will line up for you? 

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Hey @CDSquirrel,


Sorry about that...that's some stress. Mind checking out this app?


It automates data feeds processes and allows you to focus on your online store. Also, you're worked closely with to make sure you get the maximum gains from listing on every comparison engine and marketplace.


Hope this helps.