Looking for Automated Label Printing Solutions

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Hello Shopify community! I am in the process of migrating my existing store of 15 years from OScommerce to Shopify's platform. So far, so good. Our current site is www.UsedCardboardBoxes.com


I've run into 1 issue and that is whether or not there is an existing application (or applications) which can help me automate our label printing process after orders are placed. Here is a little background of our business.

  • We have 4 distribution centers across the country, to minimize shipping times and cost.
  • We utilize FedEx almost exclusively, due to best pricing (at least for now).
  • We sell products as "kits" on our website, which is comprised of multiple packages we'd have to ship. (meaning 1 product can equal multiple labels needing to print).
  • We drop ship our brand new items to another vendor to fulfill.
  • We print all labels by 3pm every weekday, and we remotely print the labels at each distribution center.

All this being said, I'm unsure how to accomplish the below using the Shopify platform, whether by the admin panel, 3rd party apps, or otherwise. Everything I've found has been entirely manual to "split orders" into multiple packages, or to manually select and batch print the labels. We do over 1,000 orders a month, so we have to have these processes automated. I've checked our apps like ShipStation, but they don't automate the multiple labels per product, it's manual. We can manually build these apps ourselves, but I'd much rather use a pre-built solution if at all possible. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

  1. Ability to validate addresses with FedEx
  2. Ability to batch print per distribution center, based on automated zip code mapping (not manually assigning to batches)
  3. Ability to automate our products to automatically print a pre-determined number of labels w/ notes on the labels based on the specific product. For example, a 5 bedroom moving kit needs to print 6 FedEx labels (1 that says "SUPER" on it and 5 that say "BASIC" on it).
  4. Ability to automatically drop ship the orders which are for our 3rd party's item!