Looking for a good age verification app...

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I am looking for a good age verification app that has the ability to authorize more than just age.  We are going to be selling different gases for the culinary industry and need to confirm more information than just that the customer is over 18 years of age.  

By clicking this box, I am declaring that I am over 18 years of age.    ☐

By clicking this box, I am declaring that it is legal in my state to purchase and own xxxxxxxx.    ☐

By clicking this box, I am declaring that I do not have the intent to abuse these products or resell items to others who have the intent to abuse these products.      ☐

Exit                 Enter

Does anyone here have a recommendation for a reliable, aesthetically pleasing, fully customizable app that can ask for multiple verifications?

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Check all this app


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Hi @WGD_Dan 

Just want to throw my hat into the ring here.

The method you're describing is called age gating, when a customer self reports their age. However, this is not longer a compliant method of age verification for actual purchases.

Shopify will shut down stores that don't properly verify their customer's age on age restricted products like alcohol, tobacco, CBD, cannabis or in your case nitrous oxide products.

Real ID allows to you securely and instantly capture your customer's actual ID documents to prove that you're being compliant.

Happy to answer any questions you have about it and ID verification in general.


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