Looking for a order processing app customized for some of my larger customers

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I screen print and embroider. I order blank garments and then embellish them with the company logo ..I have one larger customer, its a small corp. they tend to order over 130 pieces every quarter, anything from tees, jackets, button downs to polo shirts, thousands of variances when you include sizes and colors.  Currently I give them a 4 page digital printable catalogue, and they send me a excel spread sheet... but wanted to see if there is any app where i can create sort of a portal that offshoots from my site and directs them to a mini catalogue with the products they buy with there logo on it custom tailored specifically for that customer where they can put in theses uniform orders?

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No app needed probably as this is just an order form customization like https://swiftype.myshopify.com/collections/quick-order-form

It can be made to only displays in the menu based on the logged in customer or as a redirect or default home view,etc


Some key things that make this easy: the customer already has a store account, you have the logo and product photos that let you overlay the logo if your doing that.

Keep in mind they might like doing it with excel so it could be even possible for their purchase order to be generated as a checkout permalink in excel /shrug.

But even if they dont want to use the internet, the order form method still applies as then it's a customer account you create to rapidly build an order then duplicate in the admin and send them the draft for payment.


There are some implementation details like what the logic is for when a product is in their "catalogue".

Generally either by a manual collection or using tags or metafields.


If that sounds like a fit contact me at paull.newton+myshirtsnow@gmail.com   with some more details(url,pdf,etc) for an estimate.

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