Looking for a "build your own" product type of app!

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I own a garden centre and we have different flowers that are in different pots. I was wondering if anyone knew of a app where online, the customer can select a type of flower, and then get to choose what type of basket they would like it in. So, essentially a BYO product, if that makes sense. 

I'm gathering feedback for my new app, BYOB - Build Your Own Bundle. If you don't mind, would you try it to give me some feedback?

I'm looking for kind entrepreneurs to complete our product to best fit your needs

It would really help us and we will try our best to make it worth your time. Thanks in advance!

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BYOB - Build Your Own Bundles

Hi @HK,

from what I know, you should be looking for a Product Options app such as Product Customizer or Product Personalizer, where you give your buyers the option for variants as you said.


Check out this guide, we have compiled a list of the best product options app with reviews and recommendations.


Hope you find this helpful.

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Hello @HK7!

You could build a very nice design-your-own experience with MyCustomizer.

Check out this Build-A-Terrarium customizer (https://www.sppfy.com/products/medium-pot-terrarium), they are one of our clients.

Feel free to book a quick call with someone from our team to chat about your project.