Looking for a way to connect inventory across multiple stores

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Hi guys,

We are experiencing some difficulty managing our inventory across 3 different websites.

Our problem: 3 (soon 4) different Shopify stores with the same products. Inventory isn't linked so we have to manage it constantly removing & adding from stores + counting inventory manually.


Our websites:





Looking for an app or solution that connect the inventory so we can synchronize it and preferably also update in one place. Thanks in advance :)

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Hi Marnix, 

Nick here from Shopify. 

I see exactly what you mean and you are correct as this would need an app or a very detailed (and probably costly) customization. In saying that, let's look at the Shopify App store for some potential options. 

There are two apps which stick out when I looked further into this. The reason they stuck out is that they stated clearly in the description as the main feature that they can do multi-store syncing which is exactly what you're looking for. A lot of the other apps could have this feature but it's not their primary function. Let's take a look at the apps below:

Some other good apps and possibilities include: 

Hopefully, something from above can do what you need. 

All the best, Nick

Let me know if you've found this helpful and by hitting solved.
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Hi Marnix,

Along with the multi-channel sync software suggested above by Nick, you might find using an inventory package is another good option to consider as it will consolidate your numbers across channels in the one place. If you handmake your own products, you might like to check out Craftybase - we connect with several popular sales channels including Shopify to bring your inventory together :)

If you have any questions please let me know!

Nicole @ Craftybase


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Hi Marnix and thanks for the referral Nick! 

Syncio can solve your problem. We've worked with thousands of merchants with the same problem - syncing inventory with the multiple stores that they manage or work with. We do this is a very simple and quick way - you choose the products that you need to sync and with a click can copy those products over to your store. If the products already exist in your store then you can use our product mapping that syncs by only inventory. Orders and inventory updates are synced in real-time. 

For more information, here is our app listing: https://apps.shopify.com/syncio

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