Looking for alpha testers on a new approach to SKU Analysis

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Hi there,

We're a team rooted in the ecommerce business and we're currently building a Shopify app that analyses the performance of SKUs. As a first step we’re looking at the entire funnel from impressions (listing views), to views (product page view) and transactions and how individual changes to each SKU affect the performance of each SKU. This surfaces high/low performing products and measures which ones get too much/low visibility in front of your customers.

We’re getting close to a complete solution and we’d love to test it out in the wild in order to see how it performs and what value it brings before actually releasing it (or even building an UI).

Here’s how we see this:

  • We’ll have a short video call where we can introduce ourselves and show you what data you can expect to see ;
  • If you are interested than we’ll provide you with an app to be installed as a Private App in Shopify;
  • All the data will be shared with you via a private Data Studio Report;
  • We’ll patiently wait for your feedback while continuing to tinker around with the system;

The ideal helper would have at least a few hundreds of SKUs and heavy daily traffic. But we won't say no to shops with fewer SKUs - I'm quite curious to see what value it brings for this scenario as well.


Is anybody willing to help us test it? For free, of course. 



Mihai Iova