Looking for an App that will drill down based on options

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I am creating a new Shopify site for my electronics parts store. I have been experimenting with variants but I need something a little more fluid. Example category of products would be wire. When a customer is searching for wire the choices can be any of the following; Awg(size of wire), Color, Temperature rating, size of the roll(length). I am needing the work flow to be as follows ;

Customer selects Wire as a category, then selects 18 AWG ( from a list of options. I then want all the SKUs that are 18 AWG to be displayed. Then if they select color RED, then only the 18 AWG, RED will be displayed. Then the next option is 25ft, or 100 ft.  At that point the options have been selected and drilled down to one SKU. Currently I need to select all variants first, so my customer can not see the options as they narrow down the specifics. This same logic will apply to many different product types. 

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Hello @cfunni 

You can use Ultimate Filter & Search app https://apps.shopify.com/ultimate-search-and-filter-1 to create filters based on product type and options. This will help your customers quickly refine the results.