Looking for an App to delete variants when sold and then some.

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Hello Everyone,


Im looking for suggestions, my store runs on the shopify debut theme and I'm looking for a way/app that automatically deletes variants only when the quantity reaches 0. I would also like to see if anyone can think of a way to sell a product to an existing customer project. What I mean is that say I need (qty 6 ) of product a for a customer project, now they have already been billed and paid for the product, but I need a way to adjust the inventory and keep track of project cost that doesn't create a "new sale" or send a sale receipt to quickbooks. Currently I am doing this by creating a location called "Used for Projects" and then creating a transfer from my inventory to this location. It works for my purpose although it still keeps the product as an inventory Item at the new location, and doesnt really show the retail cost as I would like. 


Any suggestion on either of these would be greatly appreciated.