Looking for an app for a multi vendor login

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Hi there,

I'm looking for an app or someone who can help add the feature of letting my vendors have access to their own products/inventory/orders.

I have tried Multi Vendor Marketplace and Multi Marketplace (I think) while both we're very good, I think they had fair more detail than what I need. 

All I'm looking for is a place where my current & future vendors can login and upload new product/edit etc control inventory and see any orders. 

Whilst my store runs like a marketplace from the buyers point of view it looks like a regular store and I would like to keep this asthetic.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would love some help!


Thanks so much for your time! Lei :)

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@Lei-Ahna .. I have recently done a similar job for another merchant, where vendors can login and upload the products and the merchant can review it and approve. The functions were catered specifically to the merchant's need with a price quote much less than what they'd had paid to the multi-vendor apps. I believe I can help you as well.

Please drop me a mail on hymnz(@)outlook(dot)com with your exact requirements.

I make apps and can help you in setting up payment gateways..
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Hi there,


I'm looking for exactly the same.  A vendor login where they can see a basic "Sales by product vendor" report (just product title and net quantity).